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Key Indicators Report

Hospital market trends in Northeast Ohio are continually evolving. As the leading advocate for Northeast Ohio hospitals, The Center for Health Affairs examines the trends that matter to its members. Each quarter, analysts at The Center use up-to-date volume information to provide a look at what is happening in the Northeast Ohio healthcare market.

The Key Indicators Report uses data from The Center’s Volume Statistics to analyze regional hospital market trends and the reasons behind them. This members-only report saves time and effort by sifting through the data to uncover the trends that are meaningful to hospital leaders and presenting it in a succinct, easy-to-understand, two-page report.

Key Indicators Report Access

The Key Indicators Report and analysis of Northeast Ohio hospital market trends is restricted to members of The Center for Health Affairs and can be accessed here. For more information on The Center's Key Indicators Reports or instructions on how to access the data, please contact us.