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Federal Food Policy & American Health

Posted By Michele Fancher | 11/6/2017

U.S. federal food policy and the status of Americans’ health are inextricably linked. And in fact, the federal government’s work related to our food system ultimately has a tremendous impact on the performance of the American healthcare system.


What does Population Health Mean?

Posted By Kirstin Craciun | 10/20/2017

Population health is a term that is used a lot in healthcare circles. While the term is growing in popularity, confusion about what it means has also been growing.


AHRQ Releases First Compendium of Hospital System Data

Posted By Michele Fancher | 10/4/2017

AHRQ has released for the first time a national dataset on hospital systems. The new AHRQ data compendium includes hospital system data from 626 systems representing 70 percent of U.S. hospitals , 88 percent of hospital beds, and 92 percent of discharges.


CHIP Renewal by Congress Needed Soon

Posted By Michele Fancher | 9/25/2017

In the midst of yet another attempt by Republicans in Congress to repeal the Affordable Care Act, it’s important not to lose sight of another initiative that needs attention, and soon – CHIP renewal.


Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Funding is Critical for Kids

Posted By Kirstin Craciun | 9/22/2017

We are running out of days in September, which means there are a limited number of days left to ensure that access to the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) remains intact.


Video Introduces Partnership to Address Opioid Epidemic

Posted By Tony Gutowski | 9/1/2017

The establishment of the Northeast Ohio Hospital Opioid Consortium is the result of years of work by community leaders and hospitals to reduce the widespread effect of the heroin and opioid epidemic in Northeast Ohio.


What Impacts Wage Index?

Posted By Deanna Moore | 8/10/2017

Not only do we need to understand the effect operational decisions have on the income statement, we must also understand what impacts wage index, since it plays such a significant role in a region’s Medicare reimbursement.


Consider QUALITY of Coverage in Repeal and Replace Debate

Posted By Deanna Moore | 7/26/2017

One thing that hasn’t been talked about much but that is extremely troubling is the diminished quality of coverage that would be left under the various proposals for people insured through the Marketplace.


Power of Partnership: Cuyahoga County Board of Health, HIP-Cuyahoga & The Center

Posted By Kirstin Craciun | 7/24/2017

Terry Allan frequently talks about how public health and clinical health were “separated at birth.” I’ll tell you what − the Cuyahoga County Board of Health and HIP-Cuyahoga deserve a lot of credit for the work they’ve been doing to try to remedy that situation in Cuyahoga County.


Spirit of CHNAs Realized: Lakewood Wellness Foundation Planning Task Force Seeks Community Health Data

Posted By Kirstin Craciun | 7/17/2017

I always think it’s pretty awesome when my work life and personal life collide, which is what happened to me recently when my friend Judy Wright called and asked if I could present information to the Lakewood Wellness Foundation Planning Task Force on which she serves.

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