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CHAMPS' Off-Site Employees

At The Center’s business affiliate, CHAMPS Healthcare, there are opportunities to work off-site nationwide to service our clients throughout the country. We believe that regardless of geographical location all employees should feel like part of our team based in Cleveland, Ohio

Our innovative approach to technology, training and employee events allows all to participate whether near or far. Constant contact through email, instant messaging, video conferencing and traditional phone calls offers open communication and accessibility throughout the work day. Employees are able to catch up with their team over morning coffee or lunch via video conferencing. If employees from Cleveland are on the road for work, they make sure to visit off-site employees whenever possible. Once a year all employees come back “home” to Cleveland for educational seminars and the opportunity to meet with team members who work in other parts of the country. 

Our approach to off-site employee engagement is always evolving. We regularly request staff feedback to make sure we're doing all we can to make our off-site team members feel almost like they were sitting in the office next to us.

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