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The Center Co-Hosts Public Health Webinar

Power of CollaborationOn Friday, March 2, The Center for Health Affairs, in collaboration with the Ohio Public Health Partnership, will host Ohio leaders in public health and hospital community health for an in-person group viewing of "The Power of Collaboration: Coordinating Public Health and Hospital Health Assessments and Planning in New York" at The Center. Leaders from across Ohio will also be able to tune in to the presentation remotely.

Attendees will hear from the New York State Department of Health and Healthcare Association of New York State about their experience coordinating public health and hospital health assessments / planning in their state.


Sylvia Pirani, MPH, MSUP
Director, Office of Public Health Practice
New York State Department of Health 

Sue Ellen Wagner, MHA
Vice President, Community Health
Healthcare Association of New York State

"This is a really exciting opportunity for The Center to provide member value, partner with our public health stakeholders and hear from experts in New York state," said The Center's Director of Community Outreach Kirstin Craciun, who is leading the event planning on behalf of The Center.


Contact The Center for Health Affairs’ Director of Community Outreach Kirstin Craciun at 216.255.3616 or via email.


Learn more about this topic on social media at #CollaborativeHealthNY.

When:  March 02, 2018

from 11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. EST


The Center for Health Affairs
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