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October 29, 2018 (Cleveland)

The Center Creates Overview of State Issue 1

State Issue 1On Nov. 6, Ohioans will be asked to vote on an issue appearing on the statewide ballot: state Issue 1. Issue 1 would make substantial changes to how drug-related crimes are handled by the criminal justice system in the state. Proponents argue state Issue 1 will alleviate overcrowding in prisons and better serve people with drug addiction, while opponents fear its unintended consequences will exacerbate the drug problem in the state.

Either way, the stakes are high as the issue, if passed, will result in an amendment to the state’s constitution. The Center for Health Affairs created a succinct overview of state Issue 1, summarizing arguments on both sides as well as highlighting some of its key proponents and opponents. The Center would encourage hospitals to use this piece in their efforts to inform their workforce about this important issue.

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