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Publications for the Northeast Ohio Healthcare and Hospital Industry
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Publications for the Northeast Ohio Healthcare and Hospital Industry

The Center’s advocacy staff continuously supports the Northeast Ohio healthcare and hospital industry by producing publications, studies, reports and data resources that educate opinion leaders, legislators and the community on topics affecting the region’s hospitals.

The Center’s robust list of publications and resources for the Northeast Ohio healthcare and hospital industry include:

Issue Briefs
Address and inform the public of hot topics in the Northeast Ohio healthcare community. The Center’s Issue Briefs, launched in 2004, address more than 25 topics, including Hospital Finance 101, the Northeast Ohio healthcare and hospital economic future, Understanding Hospital Pricing, Universal Health Coverage, Hospital Sustainability, Hospital Quality, and many more.
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Policy Snapshots
Succinctly address current health and hospital policy issues. There are more than 25 Policy Snapshots available to the public on topics such as The Importance of the State Children’s Healthcare Insurance Program (SCHIP), the State’s Healthcare Budget, Behavioral Health, Northeast Ohio’s Emergency Preparedness Approach, Healthcare Reform, the Affect of the Economy on Hospitals, and many more. Click for more.


Economic Impact Reports
Thousands of jobs and billions in wages are generated every year by area hospitals, according to the latest Northeast Ohio hospital economic impact report. Hospitals in Cuyahoga and surrounding counties directly employ more than 81,000 people and their 2010 construction projects employed another almost 4,000 people. Click for more.


Community Needs Assessments
Assess the health status and needs of Northeast Ohioans. The 2007 report revealed information to a broad array of stakeholders to address challenges facing residents of the region. Click for more.


NEONI's Nursing Forecaster
Predicts the future nursing workforce needs and availability for the 17-county Northeast Ohio healthcare region, and thus provides a more precise way of assisting nursing leaders and educators in their efforts to plan and prepare a nursing workforce for decades to come.  Click for more.


Key Indicators Report (Members Only)
Based on volume data submitted monthly by more than 30 Northeast Ohio hospitals, these quarterly snapshots illustrate financial trends in the regional market, such as shrinking average length of stay or increasing patient days for chemical dependency and psychiatric services. Contact us for more information.


Volume Statistics (Members Only)
Collects hospital volume data from more than 30 Northeast Ohio member hospitals and compiles it in convenient, up-to-date, monthly reports.  The data collected through Volume Statistics consists of more than 25 volume indicators for both inpatient and outpatient hospital services. Click for more.


For more information on the publications and resources listed above, please contact us or Deanna Moore at 216.696.6900.

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