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October 24, 2017

Fact Sheet, Short Video Examine Regional Impact of Hospitals on Economy

The Center for Health Affairs recently released its 2017 Hospital Fact Sheet, which highlights the regional impact of hospitals on the local economy, its patients and its employees. In conjunction with the Fact Sheet, this year The Center unveiled a short video to highlight its findings. Below you will find the embedded video, which can be shared on various social media platforms, email and text message.

2017 highlights from the region’s hospitals include:

  • Employing 167,543 Northeast Ohioans
  • Generating nearly $4 billion in local, state and federal taxes
  • Serving over 1 million patients in emergency departments
  • Providing over $1.5 in community benefit

Download a PDF of The Center's 2017 Hospital Fact Sheet.

If you have any questions about the Hospital Fact Sheet, the short clip, or the regional impact of hospitals, please contact us.