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November 16, 2015

Issue Brief Examines Community Health Impact

November 2015 Issue Brief Examines Community Health ImpactThe Center for Health Affairs' November 2015 Issue Brief, Boosting Community Health Impact: The Vital Role of Collaboration, examines how health needs assessments are shaping local health collaboratives.

Hospitals, public health departments and other healthcare stakeholders are increasingly being tasked with analyzing the health needs in their communities in a more standardized and formalized way than they had in the past. The end goal of these efforts is to boost community health impact.

As significant health needs in the community are identified, and efforts become focused on implementing strategies that will achieve results, there has been a growing realization among all stakeholders that collaboration holds the key to achieving the greatest health impact for our communities. Collaboration is not always easy, but successful hospital-public health partnerships tend to share the same core characteristics.

The hard work of collaborating to address significant health needs is underway in Northeast Ohio with many stakeholders coming to the table to brainstorm, plan and implement solutions that will achieve greater community health impact. Some notable examples of local health collaboratives include the Health Improvement Partnership – Cuyahoga (HIP-Cuyahoga), the CHNA Roundtable, the Behavioral Health RoundTable of Cuyahoga County, and the Northeast Region Public-Private Behavioral Health Collaborative. These, and other, collaborations are essential to achieving marked improvements on our most challenging community health needs.

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