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December 11, 2017

Issue Brief Explores the Pay for Success Model

December 2017 Issue Brief - PAY FOR SUCCESS: PRIVATE SECTOR INVESTMENT WITH PUBLIC SECTOR PAYBACK FOR ACHIEVEMENT OF IMPROVED SOCIAL OUTCOMESTo improve the health of populations, focusing on clinical care alone is not sufficient. Increasingly, there is a growing recognition that conditions in the environments in which people are born, live, learn, work, play, worship and age – referred to as the social determinants of health – must be addressed if we are to achieve improvements in the health of populations.

As healthcare and other leaders focus their attention on the social determinants of health, the question about who pays to finance promising programs and initiatives always arises. There are new and emerging innovative payment mechanisms, such as the Pay for Success model, that can be considered.

To learn more and share this knowledge with our members, we were thrilled to partner with Case Western Reserve University’s Center for Community Health Integration, on this Issue Brief which explores the Pay for Success model. The Center's December 2017 Issue Brief, Pay for Success: Private Sector Investment with Public Sector Payback for Achievement of Improved Social Outcomes, examines the Pay for Success model, including its feasibility, an overview of Pay for Success projects in the U.S., and Northeast Ohio efforts to implement the model to address homelessness, child welfare and an emerging effort focused on lead harm reduction.

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