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June 15, 2009

A Trove of Opportunity: Northeast Ohio Healthcare Sector Offers Strong Employment Prospects

Northeast Ohio is a global healthcare hub, drawing patients from across the country and around the world, and paving the way in medical research. And while there are many resources that contribute to the well-deserved acclaim garnered by Northeast Ohio’s healthcare industry, perhaps the most valuable resources are the human ones. It is, after all, the employees of these hospitals who provide the empathetic, high-quality patient care and the cutting-edge medical treatment so sought after throughout the region and the nation. It is the medical researchers themselves who conduct the studies and develop the technologies and therapies that advance the field of medicine. The outstanding reputation enjoyed by Northeast Ohio hospitals means that the region is not only a destination for those seeking care but also for those seeking a healthcare career. This paper takes a look at the people who make up the regional hospital workforce, the delicate balance of workforce supply and demand, as well as other big-picture factors that influence our region’s hospital workforce.