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June 24, 2015

Human Trafficking the Focus of July's Policy Snapshot

July 2015 Policy SnapshotIt is both shocking and disheartening that if human trafficking were a legitimate industry rather than the criminal activity that it is, it would be the fastest growing industry in the world. Commonly referred to as modern-day slavery, human trafficking is a $32 billion-per-year underground global trade, trailing just behind drug trafficking.

When people think of human trafficking they often think about sex trafficking. Yet human trafficking includes individuals who are not just trafficked for sex, but also for labor. The Center’s July 2015 Policy Snapshot, Human Trafficking: Implications for Healthcare Providers, provides estimates of the scope of the human trafficking problem, the health consequences for survivors, and how healthcare providers and lawmakers can help combat human trafficking.

Healthcare providers are uniquely positioned to identify trafficking victims, therefore, raising awareness about the warning signs trafficking victims might display when they are in a healthcare setting is imperative. Healthcare providers also play an integral role in providing comprehensive, compassionate care to help survivors cope with the complex physical and mental health problems they face on their road to recovery.

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