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October 01, 2014

Policy Snapshot Provides Key Questions for Candidates as November Elections Approach

October 2014 Policy SnapshotThe November elections are fast approaching and political candidates hoping to represent Northeast Ohioans are busy meeting with potential constituents and sharing their positions on key issues. For Northeast Ohioans, understanding how candidates will support one of the greatest economic drivers in our community – healthcare – is crucial as they consider which candidates best represent the interests of healthcare providers and patients. 

The Center's October 2014 Policy Snapshot, Key Questions for the Candidate, aims to highlight some pressing issues that healthcare providers and consumers can consider as they contemplate which candidates will receive their votes during the November elections. For example, as voters decide which gubernatorial candidate to support, understanding whether each candidate plans to support Medicaid reauthorization in Ohio is crucial. Also, understanding what plans all candidates have to support improved health in the region is also important.

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