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October 15, 2015

Policy Snapshot Assesses State Budget Committees within the Ohio Legislature

October 2015 Policy SnapshotEvery two years, lawmakers in the state of Ohio from the Ohio Legislature engage in the herculean task of crafting a budget bill that will fund state programs for the coming biennium. Often, the process of compromise involves putting some decisions on hold and, instead, determining that an issue requires further investigation and evaluation. In those cases, the Ohio legislature calls for the formation of study committees tasked with investigating an issue and providing recommendations for future policy making. Of particular interest to hospitals during the current budget cycle are those committees that will look into Medicaid expansion, graduate medical education, health services pricing, and public health

The Center for Health Affairs' October 2015 Policy Snapshot, Ohio Legislature Calls for Study of Medicaid Expansion, GME, Price Disclosure & Public Health, summarizes what the four committees are tasked with addressing and provides background information along with a due date for each committee’s report.

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